California Bear

Scott Smith

Front-End Web Designer

I am a web designer born and raised in Southern California. With a specialty in front-end development, I have extensive experience with working in higher education. I also publishes Trail Coffee, a journal of hiking photography.

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Cal Lutheran

We worked with an outside agency to design an entirely new website for the university in 2015. I helped to evolve the various design components as we implemented the new site with the OUCampus CMS across the campus. Due to the complexity of the site, the entire CSS framework was written using the SASS preprocessor.

Cal Lutheran on Desktop
Cal Lutheran on Mobile

Science at Cal Lutheran

This was a new site we spun up to help drive the campaign to build a new science facility on the Cal Lutheran campus. Borrowing many ideas from the main site, I built the HTML and CSS for the Science site.

Science at Cal Lutheran on Desktop
Science at Cal Lutheran on Mobile


Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary is the theological graduate school of Cal Lutheran. PLTS maintains somewhat of it’s own identity, so this site was an opportunity to retune our templates specifically for their needs.

PLTS on Desktop
PLTS on Mobile

Kingsmen Shakepeare Company

Website designed and developed for Cal Lutheran's professional Shakespeare theatre company.

Kingsmen Shakepeare Company on Desktop
Kingsmen Shakepeare Company on Mobile

Trail Coffee

A side project I launched in 2015 to give me a space to share my hiking photography and try out different design ideas. Visit Trail Coffee

Trail Coffee on Desktop
Trail Coffee on Mobile

See America

In 2014, I contributed to the Creative Action Network's See America Project. This was a collection of artwork celebrating public lands and the outdoors. In 2016, this poster was included in the See America book.

See America